Lifetime Achievement Award

Honours individuals who have played an integral role in advancing the pork industry in Alberta and celebrates their long-term commitment and unwavering dedication to the industry.

Farm Team Award

Recognizes the farm unit which operates in an exemplary manner through commitment and longevity of the staff with virtues of hard work and cooperation, celebrating dedication of the team toward working together for the success of the farm.

Pork Industry Ambassador Award

Honours individuals or companies whose efforts reflect a commitment above and beyond the accepted expectation of the pork industry in Alberta. It recognizes individuals or companies whose actions have become a valuable asset to the pork industry and acknowledges those whose actions have become models for peer recognition.

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Recognition of Excellence Award - Best Booth Display

Every year, the Alberta Pork Congress recognizes those exhibitors who have created outstanding tradeshow displays, presenting the top three with the Recognition of Excellence Award. All exhibitors are eligible to win this award, with a committee making their selections onsite.

  • Criteria
  • Demonstration of product/service in an eye-catching, visually appealing, easily understood fashion
  • Neatness, accessibility, personal presentation of staff
  • Interactive presentation that appeals to some or all of the senses: light, sound, taste, smell, touch
  • Recognition
  • Recognition of Excellence recipients will receive a plaque to display in their company’s or organization’s office
  • Plaques will be awarded at the Annual Industry Awards Banquet
  • An announcement and picture of your booth will appear on the Alberta Pork Congress website
  • The winning displays mentioned in a future issue of Prairie Hog Country
  • Winners can display their plaques during the tradeshow